Our Guarantee

We offer a 12 year guarantee on all our products in our standard ranges. Designed with function and style at the forefront, all our products are also intended to provide a lifetime of use.

12 Year GuaranteeOur balustrades are designed to give years of service, and quality assured processes have been followed in their manufacture.  However, in the unlikely event of any part of the installation failing, due to bad workmanship or manufacture error, we will rectify or replace it free of charge.

We reserve the right to consider the situation if our system/s have been subjected to abuse, misuse, accident, unauthorised alterations, modification or repair and failure to maintain the product/s according to Regal Balustrades Ltd maintenance sheet.


Please note, this does not apply to general wear and tear, and the coating finish (if applicable) will provide at least 20 maintenance-free years of use, in areas of medium usage (office environment etc.). In highly corrosive areas (e.g. marine) every care has been taken to ensure that the products outlast 12 years, and failure within this timeframe will be assessed without bias free of charge.

Structural Integrity

Our balustrades are designed to withstand loading as specified in the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations, and as agreed with the Architect.  If we suspect that the balustrade has been subjected to higher loadings/usage than it has been designed for, Regal Balustrades Ltd cannot take any responsibility for failure.


The guarantee covers the products which have been manufactured / supplied and installed by Regal Balustrades Ltd, and items within its scope will be unconditionally replaced or repaired as necessary.  If such repairs or replacements incur additional work to other items, this is not deemed to be Regal Balustrades Ltd responsibility.