Options & Finishes

Balustrade Infill Options


Glass infillTimeless and elegant, glass offers the perfect balance of light, visibility, and safety. We offer a range of thicknesses and variants, including tinted, self-cleaning, low-iron and laminated glass, plus coatings and films for enhanced performance.

Glass thickness can come in a range of sizes starting from 10mm and go up to 19mm and beyond to meet the required loadings. Laminated glass increases the safety of the glass, and can also avoid the need for a handrail.

Tension Wires

Wire InfillOur 5mm dia. tension wires provide safety, durability and astonishing strength. Unique tensioners within the baluster produce a clean, uncluttered effect. Any number of wires can be used, although four to five is common.


Balustrades and Infill OptionsMidrails add a classy touch to offices and atriums where climbability is not an issue. Rails are normally 16mm in diameter, to match the handrail stalks, although a thicker rail can also be used. Offset midrails provide a striking feature.

Vertical Bars

Vertical BarsOften used to comply with regulatory requirements, vertical bars give a crisp, refined appearance combined with superb strength and durability.

Metal Panels

Metal PanelsMetal infill panels deliver the highest possible level of security, safety and strength and are often used in less secure locations. Formed from sheet metal, they can be perforated with a variety of hole sizes. Mesh and solid panels can also be used.